Charlie Drage

Hi, I’m Charlie

I’m a professional software developer working in multiple languages on multiple projects.

I’m interested in programming, API integration, Linux and SaaS products. Among other things, I; design, develop and launch business solutions and products.

Technical Interests

I’m a full-stack software developer that specializes in virtual machines as well as containers. My tools of the trade are Ruby and Python for anything script related. Go, Rust (as of recently) and Java (sometimes) for compiled binaries / production.

Anything to do with containers, I’ve both contributed and worked with it. That includes: Docker, rkt, Kubernetes, CoreOS and Project Atomic. I am part of both the Kubernetes and Project Atomic organizations.

I’ve also worked extensively on virtual machines as well as the “cloud”. Utilizing KVM as well as libvirt during most of my time. I implemented a public RESTful API for a cloud company with over 60,000+ virtual machines, created multiple hosting companies with custom written software as well as deployed and maintained thousands of virtual machines.

I’m an advocate for FOSS, you can find (most) of my contributions on GitHub.

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