Charlie Drage

Coffee in Waterloo and Kitchener

I admit it, I drink way too much coffee and spend most of my programming time in a cafe. That’s the life of working remote, changing pace and traveling around all the time.

Here are my favourite places in Waterloo and Kitchener.

Note: Generally, only pictures of coffee (most likely a latte). Go experience the atmosphere yourself!

DVLB (Death Valley’s Little Brother)


My favourite place. Beautifully designed, homely and stays open later than any other hipster-ish cafe’s in Waterloo. All caffenated drinks are double-esressos.

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Seven Shores


Feels like a small Toronto cafe. Caffeine kicks in like a mothertrucker.

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Balzac’s Cafe


The latte is the size of a freakin’ soup bowl. Located in the same building as Communitech and Google.

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Settlement Co.



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